There are many ways you can become involved in research, from learning how to understand health news, to working with researchers in various capacities, to joining a study as a research participant. Each of these roles is associated with a different level of involvement, unique responsibilities, and a diversity that mirrors the diverse backgrounds of our nation’s citizens. 

You need to decide for yourself which role in research is best for you. Knowing your options for participating is an essential first step in ensuring that you are included in the research and medical breakthroughs that are important for you, your family, and your community.

Final Thoughts

on Research, Community & You

Stephen B. Thomas, Ph.D, Director, Maryland Center for Health Equity

We thank you for visiting this site, and we hope that the information provided has given you guidance on why research is important, what you need to know about getting involved, and the different ways that you can interact with researchers. In addition to the information provided in the site, we have also included numerous additional resources that can help you find out more about specific topics.

The decision about how and when to participate is complex, and reasons for doing so are different for everyone. But only through the involvement of people like you can we ensure that the results of medical research are applicable and available to everyone, so that people from all groups can benefit equally from research and live healthy lives.

"Informing yourself and becoming involved are key to ensuring that you benefit from the results of medical and health research.” - Stephen B. Thomas, Ph.D.

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